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Running On Walls is the crazy and energetic Indie Alt Pop/Punk to get the whole party interactive while striking a very personal experience using catchy and relatable methods to inspire self growth and suicide prevention. Since releasing their debut album "Royal Moons" with their most popular songs "Chivalry's Dead", "Spellbreaker", and "The Young and the Famous". Accumulating over 10k streams across major platforms. They have landed a spot in the PCB festival "Sandjam 2019" opening for "Third Eye Blind", "Dirty Heads", The Shadowboxers", and more. Music played on radio station "WUWF 88.1 fm". As well as an endorsement with "Speakfriends Audio" and "AK Guitars". Running On Walls is ready for all the opportunities ahead of them of improving lives with mental health awareness and self growth.

Origin Story

Running On Walls is a 4 piece Indie Alternative Pop/Punk band originating from Birmingham, Alabama. Founding members Blake Lee (Bass) and Devin Allen(Vocals) met in a theater class at Mortimer Jordan High School in 2013; where in their free time they would do parkour together in the theater creating the sentimental band name "Running On Walls'. In 2015 they met Alex Kovacs (Guitarist) and Donnovan Bramlett (Drums) in their choir class. The 4 high school outcasts decided to jam to see if they all clicked. They immediately formed a deep bond to complete the band of "Running On Walls" on December 3, 2015. Running On Walls has put together all of their struggles for suicide prevention and mental health awareness into their powerful debut album "Royal Moons", released on all major platforms August 15th, 2019. Since, they have obtained a rapidly growing fan base whom share similar experiences of mental struggle. Running On Walls has since aimed to grow their philosophy to help many more people with musical therapy and self growth.



landed a spot as a

semi-finalist in the

2019 International Songwriting Competition

"Running On Walls"

won 3rd place in the "Sandjam 2019 Next Wav Talent search" to open the stage for "Third Eye Blind" 

Running On Walls Dissappointing Dab

"Royal Moons" The Life Changing Debut Album

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